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People call her “The Prima” and “The Queen of Pop-Folk”, and her name is synonymous with talent, creative vigor, high class, diligence, remarkable professionalism, tenacity, and will. From the very beginning of her career, she was notable for her own style, which soon became a paragon for others to imitate. Her achievements are acknowledged not only by the fans of the most popular music in Bulgaria, but also by specialists, journalists and critics. Gloria’s popularity goes beyond genre confines and transmutes her into one of the most successful artists in the modern history of Bulgarian music.

Her relationship with Payner Music Company set a precedent in the pop-folk circles: in 2009, it has been 15 years since Gloria began working with the company, which means that she is currently the singer who has worked for the longest time with a single music company. They are co-producers and up to this moment they have released together 13 albums. In addition to her many concerts in Bulgaria, Gloria has performed successfully abroad – in USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, etc. “Gloria” is the artistic pseudonym of Galina Peneva Ivanova. She was born in Ruse on 28.06.1973 in the family of Penko and Stefka Ivanovi. She appeared on stage for the first time in her kindergarten years. Her talent is not accidental: all members of her family are gifted musically, and her mother and grandmother are both very good singers. Moreover, many people in her family are intellectuals or artists, and the Chuchkov brothers are her cousins. Gloria’s childhood was full of emotions, and she liked to play with the neighborhood boys – she confesses that she got on with boys much better than with girls. When she was in sixth grade, her parents divorced.

Both she and her brother Nikolay moved to live with their grandparents in Dve Mogili. Because of the limited number of schools there, she decided to attend a high school with a specialty in plant-growing, where she got a professional driver’s license of the C class. In 1991, she was invited to become a soloist of the Izvor Orchestra, where she met Stephanie, who has been one of her best friends ever since. In 1992, after leaving the orchestra, Galya created a new band called Lira and she spent 5 months with them. Thanks to Svetoslav Stoychev, one of the most important persons in her life, she decided to consider also performing pop songs. Svetoslav told her that pubs were not the right place for such a talent as hers, and that she ought to find another field for professional expression. He gave her the vocal parties of 6 different pop singles, which she learned – those of Lili Ivanova, Georgi Hristov, etc. Some of her friends, meanwhile, advised her to adopt the artistic name of Gloria. From the beginning of 1993 till 1995 Gloria worked as variety show singer, performing the hits of world famous stars like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Madonna. Thanks to her manager Kapka Petrova from Ruse, Gloria has performed in all famous variety shows in Bulgaria. In the meantime, she completed her first 2 albums – working as a variety singer helped her to finance and produce the albums herself.